Go Get Refreshed

I may have mentioned this before, but I occasionally post at another blog, which is more devotional and encouraging in nature.  It’s called {re}fresh (the brackets are silent) and I’ve got an advent post up there now.  Please do check it out, but not for my sake.  Tour around a bit and enjoy the writing and thoughts of some of my friends, who are actual friends in actual life, not just the digital kind.

Oh, and since I’m dumping links, if music is your thing, I’d recommend these two songs from Joel and Amy Davis.  Joel is the singer for Ascend the Hill, a worship band out of Tampa. Amy is his wife.  I can guarantee you’ve never heard a worship band like Ascend the Hill, unless, that is, you’ve previously heard Ascend the Hill (for proof, see below).  By the way, their music is available for free (legally!) at Come & Live!  Anyway, Joel and Amy had me literally crying at my desk this morning, and not because they dropped in to punch me in the face.  These two tracks are just that good.


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