The Arena of God’s Will


A few weeks ago, I assured you that God is not worried about your future.  Update: He’s still not worried.

Since then, I’ve been thinking about this issue a bit more and chatting about it with friends and colleagues.  I’m picking up on a trend.

It seems many of us have had a notion of the Lord’s will as a straight line.  Whether on a global scale, or more often, on the more personal individualized level, we tend to see God’s will, as a friend recently put it, like a tightrope.  You had better keep your balance, or you’ll fall to something less that the Creator’s good and perfect will.

This kind of approach can leave us in a dire position, desperate for approval, yet never attaining it.  All too easily, we can reflect on a finished day and recount the myriad missteps, when we placed our foot not on wire, but on empty air – another fall.

Oh, we know that God is gracious, so we tell ourselves He’s erected a fall-back tightrope on which to land.  But we know as well as the Lord that it’s just that, a fall-back.  We know all too well that we’re on a secondary tightrope.  Or, more accurately, a millenary high wire.  Deep down we know that we are not living God’s highest and best purposes for our lives, but His thousandth choice for what He might have had for us.

But what if God’s will was nothing like a tightrope?  What if the Lord’s desire for us was far more open, far more free, than the unforgiving high wire?

Perhaps the Lord’s will is much more like an expansive arena, a giant ice rink, which He’s erected for His beloved child?  And He’s placed you there, with a sharpened set of skates, and invited you to race and leap and spin around this ice with absolute liberty.  Do triple axles at center ice.  Skate backwards as fast as you can along the boards.  Race down the center with as much speed as you can muster and then fling yourself down the length of the ice on your belly.  You’re still inside His good will.

Of course, you could take leave the ice, with your skates still laced to your feet, and go walking about the stands.  But I suspect you’ll find the going a lot rougher.  You weren’t made for this.

Yes, it’s possible to wander outside the Lord’s will, but the arena in which He’s intended for you is far more liberating, far more fun, than the restrictive tightrope.


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