Greg Boyd Responds to the Responses to the Colorado Shootings

I’m knee deep in a conference this week, so if the posts come, they’ll likely be brief.  (Sorry about that.  I really am.  I was just getting excited about this gospel of the kingdom business.  Next week.)


So today I just want to drop a couple links from Greg Boyd’s new blog, in which he reacts to the reactions to the Colorado movie theater shootings.

Listen, if you haven’t read or listened to Boyd, you need to start.  Although I’ve never met him (yet), he has meant the world to my theological well-being, especially post-seminary.  Moreover, the real world impact of his thinking is, well, real.

I will warn you, however, Boyd is saying things you’ve never heard in church before.  But he’s also saying things that make more sense than anything you’ve ever heard before.  If you’re not ready for that, skip it.


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