Where Is the Locus of Our Hopes?

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been thinking about eschatology lately. (I mean, doesn’t everybody?) There’s a question that’s been rolling around my head lately that I’d like to pose generally.

Are there any Old Testament prophecies, promises from the Lord, which may not reasonably have an earthly object?

Now, I’ve not done any extensive research into the question (yet), but it seems to me that at least most OT prophecies and, indeed, OT prayers are aimed at seeing some kind of result affected here on the earth. It seems that prophets and other godly characters in the Old Testament are primarily concerned with things like justice and well being here on the earth and, if possible, in their own day.

If this is true, it leads me to a second question regarding New Testament eschatology. If it is true that the prophets in Israel’s history foresaw and sought after God’s goodness displayed on the earth, then why have many Christians transferred many (if not most) prophetic hopes onto some kind of future ethereal state? Why do we not apply our eschatological hopes to this world?


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