Jesus Culture: Awakening

Last week, Jesus Culture put out its new double album Awakening: Live from Chicago.  Currently, the record sits at #35 on iTunes, surrounded by Daughtry and Now That’s What I Call Christmas!  Killer.

Anyway, the lead song on the album is Awaken Me, which, like most of Jesus Culture’s stuff, is pretty amazing.  I expect many worship leaders around the country are already trying to learn the song so they can introduce it to their churches.  My own colleague, James Allen — worship leader at Wellspring Church and member of Life in Your Way — was doing the same.  Below is his chord chart.  For the lead lines, go to the source.

Awaken Me (capo 3, chords below are relative)

Intro: G/B | G/A

Instrumental: C | Am | Em | G



Let our praise be

Em                 D

A highway, fill this place


O King of Glory

Em                            D

Touch our cities, fill Your people


A new day dawning

Em                         D

Your are shining like the


Sun arising

Em                              D

You awake in me, You awake in me


C                             Am                           Em          G

Eyes to see and ears to hear You calling

C                            Am                                Em        G

Our hearts respond to Your Spirit falling


G                      D                                                  C                 D

You’re awakening our hearts for Your kingdom

Em                                       D                                      C          D

Heaven is falling as we are declaring Your name

G                   D                                                  C               D

We’ll sing aloud with all of our passion

Em                                           D                          C                  D

King of Glory come and fill this place


Let our lives be a pure reflection of You

King of Glory, shine Your light on us, Your people

A new song rising joined by the sound of heaven’s praise

You’re awakening, You awake in me

C                             Am             Em                            G

Come like You promised, Come fall upon us


2 thoughts on “Jesus Culture: Awakening

  1. The line “Come like You promised” is what makes the song for me. It ties together the themes in the verses. It’s also a thoroughly biblical prayer that we so rarely pray, never-mind in song.

    I think that the verses have a lyrical rhythm that takes some getting used to for congregational singing.

    Get used to it.

    Lol, that is, listen to it here so you can learn to sing it with ease:

    Now, let’s see if embedding works in comments:<!–

  2. That’s such a great song. Especially about half way through and at the end I got swept away with having a mini worship service at my computer 🙂

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