On Human Potential

I just now read a few sentences that express the phenomena of Jesus Christ in a way that makes it wholly new.  That doesn’t often happen.  Observe from Stephen Neill‘s What Is Man?:

[Jesus] came to live in such a way that men could see what it means really to be a man. … This had never once happened in the world. … Now for the first time we are going to see what real manhood looks like. (34)

He continues:

Three times over [Jesus] says in St. John’s Gospel “Of myself I can do nothing (John 5:19, etc.).  If He can perform miracles, that is not because He has any special power in Himself; it is just that His will is more completely submitted to the will of God than that of any other man, and so the power of God can flow through Him as it has never flowed through any other man. (34)

Think about this for a moment.  According to the biblical narrative, humanity had gone on for thousands of years before one appeared that operated as he was meant to.  In the time since, we’ve gone another couple thousand years without seeing another individual do exactly what he was called to do in every instance.

What is possible for a human being?  Observing one another – our greatest athletes, thinkers, scientists, artists – will offer but a shadow of human potential.  Stare, instead at this Jesus and see the human.


One thought on “On Human Potential

  1. Agreed with a caveat:
    Jesus was completely who he was supposed to be, not everything we are supposed to be. To use your example, I don’t think Jesus was the fastest runner in history.

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