Couldabeen Worse

There’s not much to say today.  I mean, Irene blew through Connecticut yesterday, so I’m all frazzled and such.  My home has no power.  My work has power, but no internet.  So this is a Starbucks day.  (The first two Starbucks stops, however, were not open.)

Here’s what I’ll say about Irene: she really wasn’t so bad.  Sure, I don’t have power at home and it could be days before it gets turned on, but the rains weren’t too heavy (Though the power outage, combined with a blown generator, had me bailing gallons of water.) and the winds were pedestrian.  All things considered, this wasn’t such a bad storm.  We had been warned of a Category 2 meteorological wrecking ball.  We ended up, along with New York City and the Jersey Shore, with a heavy rain.

Do what you want with that data, but I’ll attribute that to an act of God.

I haven’t heard of anyone blaming God for Irene in the first place (I’m certainly not), but I did see this graphic this morning at Exploring Our Matrix, which highlights the absurdity of such a theological stance.


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