Movement Three: Re-Shaping Humanity

Why does God save?  Why does He then engage His people in relationship?

The Lord’s hope in connecting with His people on an intimate level is that those people will be changed.  His desire is that, in spending ample time with their Creator, the created will look more and more like the Creator.

They say that elderly couples, having spent decades with one another, actually look alike, as if they were brother and sister.  It seems strange, to some degree, that this would actually happen in appearance, though certainly it happens in personality.

Spend enough time with someone you love, and you will naturally be impacted by their way of life.  Your thought patterns will undoubtedly begin to reflect hers.  She will eventually begin to think and act like you.  In time, you will even be able to anticipate what your lover would do in certain situations, and you may even act on her behalf.

Such has always been the case between the Father and His children.  Adam and Eve were made in the Creator’s image such that, I have heard it said, creatures in the garden might not know the difference between human and God.  That might be overreaching to a degree, but the point remains, people were always meant to reflect their God.

Put negatively, Psalm 115 speaks of those who bow down to idols, gods who are no gods.  These idols can neither speak, nor see, nor hear, nor smell, nor feeling in their hands, nor the ability to move (vv. 5-7).  Ultimately, those who worship these n0n-gods will reflect their image: “Those who make them will be like them, and so will all who trust in them” (v. 8).

Yahweh’s desire for relationship with humanity is for the benefit of humanity, that we might look, think, and act like the Creator of the universe, the God who loves, and redeems, and saves.  That’s our destiny.  Let’s go.


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