Untitled: A Poem

Love until it kills you.

And then,

Love some more.


2 thoughts on “Untitled: A Poem

  1. Like a seven year old on a tire swing soaring high above a river, she laughed with a hysteria that only truth carving its way into bliss could bring.

  2. Re Bethlehem – I like the imagery and its meaning. And yes Mike, loving until it kills you is definitely the way to go, if you are aware that genuine love always replenishes you, and so you are able to give away more, and more, and more…the principle of sowing and reaping, or the principle of increase. Genuine love always, always, always actively looks for ways to give away and also actively looks for ways to receive/replenish. Again, the principle of sowing and reaping. You can only give until it kills you, many times over, once you are aware that you will be replenished again, many times over.

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