Celebrating While Not Celebrating

I’m about to upset many of my left leaning friends.

It’s not necessarily my intent, but it’s going to happen, and it will neither be the first nor the last time.

And yes, this is about Osama bin Laden’s death.  I had promised myself I wouldn’t comment, not least because I’ll readily admit that I’m conflicted about it.  I didn’t even read much on the topic today, but for this post from a friend and this post from someone I admire and respect (but don’t know).  I’m loath to celebrate any death, especially while calling myself a follower of Jesus.  Indeed, I don’t particularly celebrate this death, even.

But I am celebrating this: On this side of the complete fulfillment of God’s kingdom on earth, I will celebrate every time there is justice in this world.

I’m setting aside for the moment any opinions about our various wars in Iraq or Afghanistan or wherever else American troops may or may not (let the reader understand) be fighting.  Even back in 2001, after the shock and tragedy of 9/11, I was being careful in my minuscule sphere of influence to keep from crying for vengeance.

Yet today I kept coming back to one thought.  There are billions of people in this world (that’s a guestimation) who suffer real injustices every day.  And perhaps millions of them never get to see any level of justice brought about on their behalf.  So I’m thinking it proper to be grateful that some level of justice came about in this particular instance.


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