Man was Made for Miracles

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about people.

I don’t mean specific people, though I often think about several of them.  I just mean people, generally, but not humankind.  OK, kind of humankind.

Specifically, I’ve been thinking about the human role in Scripture and in the Kingdom life.

To give a clue to my line of thinking, though I won’t go to great detail here (yet), I’ve been thinking that human beings are meant to be quite a bit in the Kingdom of God.  Human beings are meant to be quite a bit on earth.  They (we) play a huge role, and I think we’re meant to be bigger than certain streams of the church has supposed.

Along these lines, let me pose a question:

Are there miracles in the Bible that occur without any human involvement whatsoever?

Granted, the work of any miracle is an act of God, yet is there a miracle in Scripture that does not also have a human “faith step,” so to speak?

For example, God parts the sea before the Hebrews as they escape from Egypt (Exo 14), but Moses has to extend his rod.  God multiplies the loaves and fishes to feed five thousand (Mk 6), but Jesus blesses the food and the disciples distribute it.

So, are there any, creation excepted, that God does without human interaction?


2 thoughts on “Man was Made for Miracles

  1. I like where this is going. My first thought though was manna. Although I guess you could argue that the people going out to gather it was an act of faith and would it have benn there if they didn’t go out. Kind of like a tree in the forest kind of thing.

    1. I think the faith aspect of the manna comes each Sabbath, in whether the people gather for two days or one. And, I suppose, in whether the people try to store away any extra on other days. It’s kind of a passive faith step, in some ways.

      The quail, on the other hand, though it required prayer, might be more along the lines of God ordained, untouched by human hands…

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